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Kokua  "Helping the Community"

May 7, 2022 -  The Maui Bay Villas staff led by General Manager William Bethel,  here for a community workday service at Trinity by the Sea Church.  Also joining this cleanup day are a few members from the church, Foster Ampong and his

Ohana,  and the Kalanikau Ohana.  The church reached out to the community for assistance to help with mud and debris that covered their property from the flooding waters of a recent storm.  Maui Bay Villas will continue to partner with the church to help with outdoor maintenance when it is needed.   Aloha in Action!


Nov. 12, 2022 -  The Kalanikau Ohana, Foster Ampong, Michele Hoʻopii, Iaukea and members of Trinity by the Sea Church spent a few hours cleaning the grave sites and property.  Not too bad this time around compared to the Kona Low Storm that really did a lot of damage here.  The church could always use a helping hand because most of the members here are elderly.  A great community service project.

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